ARCpoint Labs has long been a leader in the drug and alcohol testing space. With our expansion into the clinical space within the last couple of years, as well as direct-to-consumer and judicial markets, we are able to provide our outstanding service to even more customers across the nation. Thanks to our advanced technology and vast testing capabilities, we’re revolutionizing the way Americans receive diagnostic testing.

Here are just a few of the many reasons customers do business with ARCpoint Labs:

  • Range of services: One of the biggest benefits of choosing ARCpoint Labs is that customers have access to a wide range of testing options. We don’t only offer drug and alcohol screenings! Our extensive list of testing options includes diagnostics for all areas of health and wellness– from DNA and ancestry to food sensitivity to clinical. This breadth allows us to offer more robust programs to our clients. Medium-size businesses can use us to perform pre-employment and randomized drug testing for employees alongside testing as part of their employer health and wellness programs. Health-conscious individuals turn to us for any single or routine test they may need, whether it’s a routine STD check or a test to determine their baby’s gender. Our options empower individuals and companies alike to manage their wellness more effectively.
  • Accurate, reliable and confidential: ARCpoint Labs’ diagnostic tests are always accurate, reliable and confidential. We maintain the highest standards of training and technical know-how and use globally-recognized testing protocols to ensure every test is completed to perfection. We are nationally affiliated with the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association and are 49 CFR Part 40-certified for the Department of Transportation testing. We also partner with the largest CLIA-certified reference labs across the country. By maintaining the highest standards and staying up-to-date on changes in diagnostic testing technology, customers understand that we deliver only the best results.
  • Cost-effective pricing: With healthcare costs continuously on the rise and many families using high-deductible insurance plans, the cost of diagnostic testing can be daunting. ARCpoint Labs offers cost-effective testing to all customers, free of the often complex insurance reimbursement challenges they might face. Our clear, up-front pricing gives customers more power to take control of their health and wellness.
  • Fast and easy service: Diagnostic testing doesn’t have to be complicated. At ARCpoint Labs, we strive to provide every customer with the fastest, simplest and most convenient service possible. Testing at our labs can take as little as five minutes to complete, and our results are often provided within one week or less. For our business and clinical customers, we offer even more convenience through our mobile testing model, where we can test at their facility, and by allowing customers to be tested at one of the 10,000 collection sites we’ve partnered with across the country.
  • More than testing: Beyond our testing capabilities, ARCpoint Labs offers additional value to our customers. Employers can take advantage of our industry expertise through our corporate training conducted via national webinars and customized drug and alcohol policies, as well as educational resources on industry and policy changes that might affect them. Our experience in the diagnostic testing space has given us the ability to build customized programs for customers, and our technological foundation allows them to easily access testing documentation. And, as industry changes and new technologies arise, our customers know ARCpoint Labs is constantly evolving to stay at the forefront, so they’re always getting the best and most reliable testing options available.

Having ranked as one of the top privately-held medical businesses in the U.S. by INC Magazine, ARCpoint Labs has solidified itself as a trusted national leader in employment and wellness testing.