“As occupational therapists by education, the alignment between ARCpoint’s work and our professional expertise was a crucial factor. The focus on employee occupational wellness and capability screening for employers allowed us to merge our passions and professional skills seamlessly.

“ARCpoint is the longest-running national franchise in wellness testing and screening. This legacy speaks volumes about the company’s stability and success in the industry. As new franchise owners, we can confidently say that we have found our right path forward.”


“After 20+ years in the corporate world, I wanted to take my experience and do something on my own. I spent an entire year looking at different start-up opportunities, franchises and existing businesses I could purchase, and, in the end, I decided to purchase an ARCpoint franchise resale (3 territories). I knew very little about the lab testing business at that point, but I saw both the business potential, as well as the potential to do good in the world by making my community a better and safer place. Two years later I am a local expert in this business and have created a profitable operation with my first two labs. I love running my own business and I appreciate the support I’ve received from both the franchise HQ as well as other franchisees.”


“I thoroughly enjoy being able to have a hand in all aspects of a project and knew when I opened my own business, I wanted to focus on business-to-business, not retail. When looking into franchising, opportunities in the growing medical field jumped out at me because it’s a lucrative industry with small niche segment opportunities in a much larger market. Beyond that, the business offers 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours and allows me to spend the weekend with my family. ARCpoint allows me to use my marketing expertise to grow my business and I hope to use that skill to build relationships within the community.”


Gauri Bhalakia, Southboro-Framingham, Massachusetts (Since 2016)