The ARCpoint Labs franchise model provides owners with multiple potential streams of revenue. Our franchisees have the freedom to pick their own path based on their business goals—whether that’s focusing on business-to-business drug and alcohol testing programs or partnerships with local physicians who need affordable testing for their patients.

The prices for our tests vary greatly within the various business sectors. The least expensive drug test we offer is $30, but this can be bundled with other services to create a $50–$75 toxicology sale. Genetic testing can range in price from $200 to over $1,500. Overall, our tests have high margins, often landing between 45-100%.

Additionally, ARCpoint Labs franchisees can benefit from residual income thanks to our business solutions. Ongoing streams of business can be generated from pre-employment and drug testing programs and physician referrals. With long-standing partnerships in place, there’s no need to sell to the same customers again and again! And, owners can tap revenue streams almost immediately by leveraging our valued collection site partnerships and technology platform.

As reported in our current FDD Item 19, ARCpoint Labs franchisees have tremendous revenue-generating opportunities.

The above sales figures include locations open at least two years. Item 19 of our current FDD provides additional details regarding gross annual sales and other financials.