ARCpoint Labs is uniquely positioned to serve businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C) with their health and wellness/diagnostic testing needs. Our business model is so flexible that we can pivot to what the market needs. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and technology is bringing that innovation to life.

Businesses rely on ARCpoint technology, our suite of services and expertise in many areas.

Onboard Testing & Background Checks – Testing for the substances as well as background checks to minimize employer risk. 
Policy Development – Establishing written procedures that include Random & For Cause Testing, EAP, and other needs.
Signs & Symptoms Training – Equipping supervisors with training and the resulting actionable steps if an issue exists.
Random & For Cause Testing – A requirement in most states to receive discounts on Workers Comp and allows supervisors to feel comfortable in identifying drug abuse in the workplace.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – The referral service that provides support to the employees that may have issues with drug abuse as well as several other tools.

Consumers are increasingly becoming the drivers of their healthcare story and how they receive care.

No longer does one have to first see a doctor to obtain a doctor’s order for many personal tests such as:

Men’s Health and Women’s Health
Inflammation and Autoimmune
Food Sensitivity and Digestive Health
Cardiac Health
DNA/Genetic Health
Infectious Disease
And more

Today, consumers can walk into any ARCpoint Labs location and receive the testing of their choice, without a doctor’s order, from a comprehensive list of options with up-front pricing clearly listed. We put the person’s healthcare testing back in their hands!

Our team is consistently evaluating our offering to ensure our franchisees remain at the forefront of in-demand services as ARCpoint Labs owners. While we still offer COVID-related services, ARCpoint Labs is not a COVID business; rather, the pandemic served as the rocket fuel to bring ARCpoint’s 2030 Plan to reality in less than 18 months.