Through our four pillars of business, ARCpoint Labs covers a wide range of diagnostic testing options for employers, physicians, judicial systems and health-conscious customers.

As a full-service testing lab that offers blood and urine testing for the business and consumer markets, we have the ability to meet vast diagnostic testing needs. As a collection site, ACRpoint Labs is not limited by what we can test in house. Instead, customers benefit from our flexible collection options—from visiting your brick-and-mortar location, having a mobile service team do collection at their facility or completing their test at one of our 10,000 collection partners nationally. As a franchisee, you’ll work to build business relationships with those who require testing in your community and create customized testing programs to meet their needs.

Our service model covers four main areas of business:

Working with small and medium-sized businesses, including those in the manufacturing, transportation, and construction sectors, ARCpoint Labs offers business customers a range of testing programs to minimize risk and keep employees safe. We provide substantial value through pre-employment services like background checks and drug and alcohol tests, as well as the Department of Transportation (DOT)-compliant testing and health and wellness screenings.

We are also able to help business clients through corporate training and customized drug and alcohol testing policies that are up to date with the latest policies and regulations for their state.

Drug courts, probation offices and attorneys rely on accurate and court-admissible tests, including drug and alcohol tests and paternity tests. We are able to assist in a range of case types, including child custody and visitation, private investigations, criminal cases and estate or inheritance disputes, all with confidential and reliable diagnostics.

Through our clinical program, ARCpoint Labs franchisees can offer cost-effective clinical testing for patients referred to us by their doctors and alternative or holistic practitioners. Our list of over 10,000 diagnostic tests are often completed at a lower cost than going through a patient’s high-deductible insurance plan while offering great margins to franchisees.

More and more, individuals are looking to take control of their health and wellness. ARCpoint Labs offers diagnostic testing to individuals without a physician’s order to give them the information they need to improve their health. Our personal solutions cover the health and wellness spectrum, including DNA, STD, food sensitivity, baby gender and drug and alcohol tests.