Accurate. Reliable. Confidential testing.

ARCpoint Labs Team

ARCpoint Labs is a nationally trusted leader in diagnostic testing, offering a range of services to consumers as well as employers. Our lab test franchise allows business-minded owners to meet their financial goals while serving their communities through a physical lab and customized testing programs. By working around our proven solution set, franchisees have the ability to grow their business how they choose and with the promise of future innovative services and products to remain relevant.

At ARCpoint Labs, convenient, cost-effective and reliable diagnostic testing is our forte. We remain at the forefront of testing technologies and procedures, as well as changing and emerging markets. This offers benefits to both our customers and our franchisees: Customers gain access to even more accurate test results, and franchisees are able to diversify their revenue streams and capitalize on emerging market segments.

We give owners access to a high-margin, low-overhead business model that is perfectly positioned for revenue-driving, recession-resistant operation well into the future, especially in light of expert predictions in drug abuse and diagnostic testing needs.

Our Purpose

ARCpoint’s comprehensive testing services are built around our passion to reduce drug abuse and empower individuals and companies to manage their health and wellness through affordable lab screening. We look to serve business customers, the evolving healthcare market and the growing base of health-conscious individuals and families across the country.

To do this, we have over 120 franchise locations where owners make connections with customers in their local communities to offer testing solutions. We also have an established network of several thousand collection sites nationally to offer customers added flexibility and convenience. Our national territory threshold is estimated at 600, giving our owners ample opportunity to grow.

Our Mission

At ARCpoint Labs, we understand that buying into a franchise system is more than taking on a new job. It is adopting a new way of life. This is why our team of dedicated staff works hard to ensure that, as a part of the ARCpoint Labs family, you have the support and training you need to meet all of your goals.

Our robust training program positions new franchise owners for success from day one. You’ll work with our team to build up your business’s service offerings gradually while forging meaningful business connections in your community. After our 12-month training program is over, you’ll receive ongoing support from our corporate office, including guidance on policy changes, emerging markets, new technologies and more.

Who We’re Looking For

The ARCpoint Labs franchise opportunity is not designed to keep owners behind a desk in the lab all day. You don’t need any experience in laboratory services whatsoever! Instead, our owners are great networkers with a broad background in sales, marketing and general business who are eager to connect with customers.

  • Leave the corporate grind to grow your own business
  • Ability to adapt and grow alongside challenges
  • Eager to provide solutions that benefit the community at large
  • Desire to chart your own course and pick the path most appealing to you

The total investment necessary to begin the operation of one ARCpoint Labs Business ranges from $200,800 to $361,720, including $97,500 which must be paid to the franchisor or its affiliates (per our current FDD).

If you’re a strong communicator who is willing to take risks while making a difference in your community in the health and wellness space, ARCpoint Labs might be the perfect fit for you.