ARCpoint Labs has continued to solidify its position as an industry leader with our unique and comprehensive suite of services and multiple target markets. Opening an ARCpoint Labs franchise gives our owners the freedom to build their business how they want around a proven solution set and support system.

Through our diverse profit centers, we give franchisees a wide range of options for producing revenue, along with the opportunity to focus on each pillar as much or as little as they desire. Combined with our high margins, high potential for residual income, low overhead and exploding industry growth, ARCpoint Labs franchisees are set up for financial success from day one.

Here are just some of the reasons business-minded candidates choose our franchise growth opportunity:

  • Multiple profit centers: Through our B2B and B2C model, franchisees have the opportunity to generate revenue from multiple customer segments at once. Each of these markets continues to grow, and as technology advances, ARCpoint Labs’ solutions are growing right along with them. What’s even better is that owners have the freedom and flexibility to pick their own path for their business. Focus on the markets you care most about using our proven solutions.
  • High margins and residual income: With margins between 45%–100%, ARCpoint Lab franchise owners are able to become profitable faster. And, thanks to our focus on employers and physicians, our model tends to generate residual income from repeat business. Many businesses require consistent pre-employment or randomized drug testing, and physicians can continue to refer new and existing patients.
  • Robust training program: At ARCpoint Labs, it’s our goal to help franchisees succeed by providing the tools, education and repeatable processes they need to achieve growth and efficiency. Our 12-month training program ensures every new franchise owner is prepared to lead as their community’s expert in the diagnostic testing space.
  • Meet community needs: More than a business, ARCpoint Labs has the power to help communities struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and/or limited access to affordable healthcare solutions. The face of the health and wellness industry is constantly changing, and ARCpoint Lab franchisees are equipped with the solutions to offer cost-effective, fast and simple diagnostic testing to revolutionize the way Americans take control of their health.
  • Take control of your schedule: ARCpoint Labs operates on a standard 9-5 schedule, five or six days a week. This gives owners the ability to take back control of their schedule and spend more time at home or doing what they love.
  • Stable business model: Diagnostic testing will always be necessary in the health and medical markets, making ARCpoint Labs a stable business capable of withstanding economic downturns. What’s more, the markets we occupy are experiencing explosive growth, and changes in the industry continue to present new and exciting opportunities.

For the right franchisee, opening a business with ARCpoint Labs can provide a world of opportunities, positive challenges, professional growth and financial benefits.