Our national franchise network was launched with the intention of blending local relationships with the purchasing power and technology of a large, national presence.

ARCpoint Labs was founded in 1998 by Felix Mirando, offering drug and alcohol testing to small and medium-sized businesses in Greenville, South Carolina. Around this time, Felix observed an important gap between large and small companies in the diagnostic lab testing industry: Large ones cannot provide the same level of personalized services and the small one can’t compete with the national buying power of the larger ones. He saw value in the local owner model based on his experience as a large brick-and-mortar franchise owner.

Local lab collection agencies were developing great relationships with community  organizations, while large national companies were able to leverage immense buying power and technology to decrease costs and position themselves better to potential clients. By combining the two—local ownership with national technology and buying power—Felix aimed to capitalize on a market that wasn’t being tapped. His idea allowed local franchise owners to meet their community’s needs while reaching their professional and financial goals.

We launched our franchising program in 2006, building our national franchise network to 100 locations in just under a decade. Our lab test franchise opportunity allowed entrepreneurs to develop close relationships with businesses in their territories while relying on our reputation as a leader in drug and alcohol screening services. However, this was only the beginning of the ARCpoint Labs franchising journey.

Preparing for Growth with New Market Opportunities

In 2017, new leadership led the way for “ARCpoint 2.0,” the next phase in the company’s growth plan. Together, our executive team worked to transform our company from a small-scale franchise system to a national network that was capable of taking our franchisees’ businesses to the next level.

With a renewed focus on franchisees, we overhauled our training program to offer even more tools, resources and support to owners. Our drug testing technology also saw massive improvements, so franchisees could better position themselves within the marketplace. And, we built an entire inbound sales engine that helps link franchises to the best leads for their business. Together, these elements forged a strong foundation that has added immense value to our owners.

Between 2017 and 2019, we also expanded our product line and developed our “Four Pillars” approach to diagnostic testing. Franchisees were given new opportunities to generate revenue through our direct-to-consumer, judicial and clinical programs. More than just operators of a testing lab, ARCpoint Lab franchisees are becoming industry experts in drug and alcohol testing policy and rapid changes in the diagnostics market with our guidance.

Our expansion into new lab testing market segments allows us to continue capitalizing on huge growth opportunities in the health and wellness spaces and adapt to changes as they occur to continue to meet the needs of local communities. The COVID pandemic created demand for testing for both illness and antibodies as the virus evolved. ARCpoint led the way in communities across the U.S. with testing – both in lab and mobile sites – to provide accurate and fast diagnosis during a very tumultuous time in medical history.

Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer delivery of healthcare services continue to drive the evolution of the ARCpoint offering and ways Labs meet the needs of its patients. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Wellness Panels, and further offerings that acknowledge the needs and overall health status of the public bring new patients in the door and create further opportunity for franchisees to make a difference in their communities.

ARCpoint added an innovative affiliation with a nationwide MD group to assist patients with after-care – if necessary – as indicated by their testing results. Often referred to as direct primary care, the affiliation makes it far easier for ARCpoint customers to consume and access healthcare where it is most convenient for them and how they want.