A typical day for an ARCpoint Labs franchisee is not spent behind a desk in the lab. It’s spent meeting with prospective customers and developing meaningful and long-lasting business relationships.

We estimate that 70%–80% of our owners’ time is spent developing their business and doing business consulting with employers, physicians and other potential customers in their local market. We want our owners to be an integral part of their communities. This means joining the local Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations that allow you to network.

Not only do our nationally-promoted educational webinars hosted on behalf of our franchisees’ customers and prospects, networking events and one-on-one meetings allow franchisees to drive revenue—they also help owners establish themselves as the local expert in diagnostic and health and wellness testing. By being out in the community, our franchisees are able to educate the market on ARCpoint Labs service offerings and provide educational resources to small and medium-sized businesses and physicians about the changes in their industries.

The remaining parts of an owner’s five to six-day work week might be spent managing their healthcare franchise’s finances, implementing new marketing efforts and managing the small team of employees who work in the lab.

Ultimately, owning an ARCpoint Labs franchise allows you to be the face of your own business and focus your time on the pillars of business you prefer the most, all while having time to enjoy what’s most important to you in life.