ARCpoint Labs’ breadth of services puts owners at the forefront of diagnostic testing for numerous growing industries related to health and wellness.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

The rise in national and global drug abuse has positioned the drug and alcohol screening industry for rapid growth. More than 80% of American employers conduct pre-employment screens, and many business clients, as well as those in the judicial and Department of Transportation (DOT)-affiliated fields, require ongoing randomized or federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing.

According to BCC Research, the global market for drugs of abuse testing continues to increase. ARCpoint Labs franchisees have immense opportunity to grow in this space, often while capitalizing on residual income.

Additionally, changes in the market, such as the prevalence of CBD products and the legalization of marijuana, offer new opportunities for owners to become industry experts with the assistance of the tools and training provided by ARCpoint Franchise Group to educate clients on drug and alcohol testing policy and programming.

Consumer Health & Clinical Programs

The landscape of consumer health and wellness is also changing. The American Clinical Laboratory Association estimates that 70% of medical decisions are based on lab tests, resulting in a diagnostic testing market expected to reach $62.9 billion by 2024.

However, the CDC estimates that 43% of consumers have high-deductible insurance plans (Source). Rising out-of-pocket expenses and complex insurance reimbursement are driving a new market of direct-to-consumer healthcare tests, which ARCpoint Labs is now poised to provide. By working with physicians, ARCpoint Labs franchisees can offer cost-effective healthcare diagnostic testing to patients and help consumers take control of their medical needs.