Many ARCpoint Labs franchise candidates mistakenly believe they need medical or lab service experience to successfully grow their business. This is not the case! Many of our most successful franchisees come from the corporate or business development world, with no science expertise whatsoever. That’s the benefit of our robust training and support program—we’ll help you become the diagnostic testing expert in your local community.

Instead, the ideal owner of an ARCpoint Labs franchise is solutions-oriented and wants to be the face of their business. We look for candidates who are skilled in marketing, networking and business development and who are looking to make a difference in their community.

Does this sound like you? You might be the perfect fit!

Our franchisees are skilled in networking and business development

The ideal franchisee for ARCpoint Labs has around 10 years of sales, management, operations or general business experience. Many come from middle to upper management positions and are tired of the corporate grind or are seeking a new position that lets them spend more time at home with their families.

A major part of operating an ARCpoint Labs franchise is reaching out to local small and mid-size businesses, physician’s clinics, consumers and civic organizations like the Chamber of Commerce to provide them customized solutions for their diagnostic testing needs. Building these relationships will be your number-one goal, so it’s key that you’re a strong communicator who can relate well to others.

ARCpoint Labs franchisees are also active participants in their business. They don’t want to be behind a desk in the lab all day—they want to be out in the community building their network. They also harness great leadership skills to manage a small group of two to four employees in the lab.

Our franchisees are problem solvers and not afraid of a challenge

The great thing about ARCpoint Labs’ business model is that it’s fluid. We have the unique ability to adapt our product line alongside changes in the healthcare and medical industries and advances in technology. For this reason, the ideal ARCpoint Labs franchisee is someone who is not afraid of change; rather, they are nimble and agile and can tackle adjustments with ease. They are open to challenges and love to work through problems to find the best and most efficient solutions.

Our ideal franchisees are also comfortable taking their business into their own hands. They aren’t looking for all the answers on day one—they have an entrepreneurial mind and are focused on driving revenue using the training and tools we provide. As a franchisee, you have the freedom to develop your business around a proven solution set and focus on the revenue streams you like the most. This also means you’re capable of multitasking and allocating the right amount of time to each pillar of your business.

Our franchisees recognize a need in their community and want to make a difference

ARCpoint Labs has the potential to assist communities with health and medical testing needs. Areas struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, limited options for affordable medical testing or a lack of general health and wellness access can benefit from our lab service franchise.

Our ideal franchisees recognize these problems within their communities and have a desire to solve them through the diagnostic testing options ARCpoint Labs provides. They understand that by being a hands-on owner, they have the opportunity to achieve their professional and financial goals while making a difference.