Meet Bryan and Alicia Johnson, ARCpoint Rock Hill and Charlotte

ARCpoint Labs ownership often appeals to professionals who are ready to chart their own course, just like Bryan and Alicia Johnson.

Bryan spent years in a sales and marketing role, earning lots of frequent flyer miles along the way. He really wanted to be more present with his family (i.e. quit traveling!), and knew a bigger purpose was out there for both himself and his wife Alicia as occupational therapists by education. After being introduced to the franchise industry by a family member, the Johnsons were able to narrow down their business interests with these primary goals:

  • healthcare related, especially in the occupational wellness space
  • opportunity to make the strategic decisions themselves
  • life balance
  • proactive therapies vs. reactive therapies
  • ability to attain and improve financial state
  • give back to the community
  • chance for the entire family to be invested and proud of the business

The couple ultimately chose ARCpoint Labs for several reasons, including ARCpoint’s reputation and their Discovery experience with the ARCpoint team. Today they operate Labs in Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.

“ARCpoint is the longest-running national franchise in wellness testing and screening. This legacy speaks volumes about the company’s stability and success in the industry. As new franchise owners, we can confidently say that we have found our right path forward.” – Bryan

“ARCpoint’s culture of authenticity, helpfulness, and entrepreneurial spirit truly resonated with us. We wanted to be part of a company that genuinely cares about its franchise owners and encourages innovation and creativity.” – Alicia

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