Meet Dac Jackson, ARCpoint Labs Franchisee in Dallas

Prior to becoming an ARCpoint Labs franchise owner, Dac Jackson owned a national insurance franchise business. His desire to become more involved in business development was a key motivating factor for him, citing the ability to work ON the business rather than IN the business. After looking at several opportunities, he could see the need for affordable and convenient healthcare testing and related services and how ARCpoint Labs was serving a critical need in the communities served by the franchise.

“I wanted to truly make a difference,” said Jackson. “Secondly, I wanted exponential growth opportunities and a business that could compound on itself. Scalability with ARCpoint Labs is possible with a single lab or you can add additional territories without requiring a lot more time from me as the owner.”

A typical day for Jackson includes a goal of 10+ new business calls per day after reviewing his morning emails and developing his daily action plan. In Dallas where his Lab is located, Jackson sees lots of opportunities with TPAs (Third-Party Administrators) who are responsible for drug screenings, testing and background screens for large companies.”

Jackson acknowledges he spent his first 10 months laying the foundation with ARCpoint’s help, and sees a very bright future ahead.

Listen to him share his story further.