Darin Hicks

Darin Hicks joined ACRpoint Franchise Group in April 2020 where he serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer with City Wide Franchise where he managed the day-to-day operations, drove execution, and led the company to a top 200 franchise brand ranking. Darin is a graduate of the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. He continued his studies at the University of Utah and earned a Masters of Business Administration. His experience in business strategy, sales, operations, marketing, finance, and accounting give him a unique and versatile set of business skills. He has executive, management, and consulting experience in various industries including franchising, print, automotive, retail, AV automation, and media. He has developed a solid basis in business practices and a versatile view of business opportunities. He has gained a unique perspective in small business and entrepreneurship and has been considered a trusted business partner and contributor in all his ventures. Darin has enjoyed the opportunity to teach several college-level courses including marketing, management, operations, accounting, and math. He values education and finds fulfillment in assisting others in their academic pursuits. Darin has had the opportunity to serve in the United States Marine Corps, local elected/appointed governmental offices, various religious/community volunteer positions, and coaching youth athletics. He and his family have participated in a variety of activities including sports, performing arts, travel, outdoor activities, and community service. Darin and his wife, Wendy, have four children.