ARCpoint Labs Franchise Opportunity

Bring a vital service to your community and create a new future for you and your family.

There has never been a better time to become an ARCpoint Labs Franchisee.


Our Mission: To exceed our owner’s expectations by providing tools, education and repeatable processes to help achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

Four Pillars of Business

ARCpoint Labs Four Pillars of Business provide multiple potential revenue streams to explore as you market within your community. Pick your own path!

Employer Solutions

Pre-employment Screenings and Drug/Alcohol Testing

Legal/Judicial Solutions

Court-admissible Testing

Physicians Solutions

Clinical Testing

Personal Solutions

Health/Wellness Testing, DNA, Ancestry, and More


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Financial Information

Industry Size

* As reported in our 2022 FDD Item 19. Our multiple profit centers model generates tremendous opportunity!

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Multiple profit centers. The freedom to grow how you choose.

ARCpoint Labs franchisees are operators of diagnostic testing labs offering cost-effective and reliable testing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, physicians, legal courts and health-conscious consumers. The ARCpoint Labs franchise model allows owners to grow their business with freedom, all while relying on a robust support program and a national network of advanced technology and buying power.

Take Advantage of Explosive Growth

Drug and alcohol abuse, a growing base of health-conscious consumers, rising healthcare costs and the increasing complexity of high-deductible insurance plans all support ARCpoint Labs’ position as a cost-effective and simple way for consumers to receive accurate and reliable testing. Owners of an ARCpoint Labs business have the opportunity to capitalize on explosive growth in the healthcare and medical franchise markets while earning high margins and maintaining a recession-resistant business model.

Our target markets continue to experience multi-billion-dollar growth. Evolutions in the healthcare and drug and alcohol industries are leading employers and physicians to look for effective solutions for their employees and patients. By forging relationships with these key customers, our franchisees can achieve exponential growth while making a difference in their communities.

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