How ARCpoint Labs’ Rapid COVID-19 Response Demonstrates Value to Owners

The COVID-19 pandemic caused tremendous uncertainty across the nation, both from public health and an economic standpoint. At ARCpoint Labs, we understood that our own franchisees were likely feeling that same uncertainty. By providing resources, support and an expanded product line to owners, our team helped franchisees navigate this complex situation and emerge successfully.

Our COVID-19 response demonstrates how much ARCpoint cares about supporting and providing value to our franchisees. Leaning on our mission to consistently provide owners the tools, support and resources they need for success, we helped labs across the country launch new testing products and position themselves as their community’s local expert on viral antibody testing.

Here’s how we did it.

We rapidly deployed antibody diagnostic testing

On March 16, the FDA created the diagnostic testing policy for COVID-19. However, even before this was released, our team was beginning to put a response plan into action.

Through our network of laboratory partners, we were able to go to market with an antibody testing product just over two weeks after the FDA released its policy. We worked so quickly, we actually beat several of the largest testing players in the nation to market by over a month!

The reason we were able to accomplish such a feat is twofold. First, ARCpoint leverages a national network and maintains strong relationships with testing manufacturers. We were among the first diagnostic testing groups these partners reached out to, largely because of our established reputation.

Second, we had already built a major marketing engine that allowed us to get the word out about this testing. Immediately, we had the ability to send out press releases and conduct webinars to educate consumers. From there, our news spread like wildfire, culminating in ARCpoint being quoted as an expert resource in a front-page article for the New York Times.

These things prepared our owners to utilize and market the COVID-19 antibody tests as soon as possible, while also leaving bandwidth for our corporate team to help in other ways, like researching and providing guidance on loan programs our owners could take advantage of.

We created an employer package

With our new testing implemented, we launched our COVID-19 employer package. ARCpoint takes immense pride in educating our customer base, and we believe that good education allows us to be a valuable partner to our communities.

We put together an educational program leveraging the platform and resources we already had through our core business model. Our employment attorneys assembled a “Back to Work” employer guide that condensed hundreds of pages of web content from major government agencies into one 31-page document, giving employers a solid understanding of what they need to do to reopen and conduct their business safely. One of these things was the importance of diagnostic testing.

Since hosting a webinar on the guide for current and prospective employer customers, we’ve had several prospects reach out about ARCpoint conducting testing for them. Education was crucial in obtaining that business because it helped establish our company as a trusted partner.

The value of ARCpoint Labs

Ultimately, ARCpoint Labs is committed to providing franchisees ongoing support, and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the value we feel it is our duty to provide. These key actions helped guide our owners through the uncertain landscape COVID-19 created. Although this crisis is far from over, we’re confident that we’ll be able to quickly and efficiently pivot our policies and messages by leveraging the foundations already in place.

As an owner, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to operate your day-to-day business and serve your community while leaning on us to research and communicate the policies and products your business can take advantage of. At the end of the day, we are extremely proud to be part of the solution alongside our owners, customers and communities.